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Stenegirls - Chesed Club

On Sunday 9th July 2023, our female outreach worker Racheli Bass spoke at the Stenecourt Shul Chesed Club, known as 'Stenegirls,' for girls aged 10-11 years.

The session was to teach the girls the importance of being supportive of others, and to reach out for help when needed.

Racheli split the session into 2 parts, the 1st part focused on how to recognise if someone else is not feeling emotionally okay and the 2nd part was about how we can help others.

Racheli did lots of activities with the girls including naming emotions from expressions and a game involving throwing a ball of string from one person to another person while telling them something positive about them. The resulting web of string was able to illustrate how we live within a network of support, with connections with others.


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