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An Audience with Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig of Maaglei Nefesh - 10th March 2024

A Neshomo event was held on Sunday March 10th 2024, at the Moor Lane shul hall, as mental health colleagues and chaplaincy members were invited to a talk by Rabbi Yoni Rosenzweig, founder of Ma’agalei Nefesh in Eretz Yisroel. The speaker spoke about how he got into the mental health field, and why his book Nafshi Bishe'elati needed to be written. He spoke a lot about awareness and tolerance for mental health, and aware we must be that we are dealing with potential pikuach Nefesh issues.

A lively Q & A session followed, with audience members asking questions on a variety of relevant issues. The balance between therapy and yiddishkeit was discussed, as was the idea that shuls need to be more knowledgeable and aware of people’s mental health issues and think how to make them feel welcome. Other topics raised were early recognition and intervention of mental health issues, and also the big ‘S’ word – shidduchim.

Many important ideas were shared, and participants left feeling that they had been provided with invaluable tools and guidance.

True to its ethos, Neshomo has once again proven its dedication to educating and supporting the community.


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