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Volunteer Befriender

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer befriender?

Would you like the opportunity to support someone experiencing mental health difficulties in a really beneficial way?


Befriending is a unique relationship. It gives the befriender the opportunity to provide companionship, support, encouragement and a listening ear to someone who really needs it.


For the client having a befriender can be invaluable. It is designated time for them. A time to be heard. A time to think about their own needs. It also offers clients the opportunity to meet goals that they might not be able to achieve alone.


The befriending relationship has the potential to be meaningful and fulfilling for both parties involved.

Volunteer befrienders also gain experience and skills in the mental health field. Some volunteers have gone on to do professional training within the mental health field.

Activities will vary as they are tailor-made for each individual person (client) but may include:


> Visiting clients at home on a prearranged day, time and duration.

> Providing companionship by listening, talking, reading or sharing activities.

> Offering support whilst respecting a person’s independence.

> Facilitating opportunities for engagement in social activities within the community.


​We suggest meeting once a week for approximately 1 hour at a mutually agreed location. 


You will be given supervision to support you in this role and relevant befriender training. 


The team at Neshomo aim to give you ongoing support in this role through regular supervision and training.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer befriender please contact us.

I find being a volunteer for Neshomo really fulfilling.  I look forward to meeting up with my client each week and seeing how much she benefits from it.  I find the supervision from Neshomo really helps in my role

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