Neshomo offers bespoke training for services/organisations/schools/charities in the Manchester Jewish community on the mental health issue that is relevant to them. Our goal is that each service feels more confident and empowered managing mental health for themselves.

Here are some examples of the bespoke training we have provided:

Contact us if you are interested in Neshomo providing mental health training for your service/organisation


Oct 2020

Training for: Pennine Care Mental Health Services Consultant Psychiatrists and Junior Doctors

Title: The Jewish Way of Life

Training Aims:

  • To gain information and insight into the “Jewish Way of Life” and the Jewish Community, further enabling and enhancing healthcare staff’s caring skills for Jewish patients with a further understanding of some of the Jewish cultural, ethnic and religious needs.

  • To appreciate the diversity of observance amongst the Jewish people.

  • To learn, via scenarios, of strategies delivered to meet individual Jewish service users’ cultural needs.

  • To be aware of the stigma of mental health amongst the Jewish people and its manifestations.

  • To advise of the variety of services and resources within the Manchester Jewish community and especially during this corona period, which may assist Jewish service users, patients, clients and staff in being aware of what is available to enhance the delivery of care, care plans and recovery processes.


Delivered by: Rabbi Daniel Walker and Estelle Gillis- Neshomo Mental Health Hospital Link Worker



"Ms Gillis and Rabbi Walker's talks were excellent and informative. I am very grateful for the time they took to educate us on challenges that Jewish people may face in mental health services and the important cultural aspects of Jewish life" 

"The training was fantastic.  Thank you"



July 2020

Training for: Hatzola

Title: Understanding Aspects of Mental Health

Training Aims:

  • To develop an understanding of aspects of mental health and appreciate the impact of mental health problems on everyday life functioning.

  • To be aware of the variety of mental health problems including the associated range of feelings and behaviours.

  • To learn of the causes of mental health problems and their diagnoses.

  • To appreciate the stigma of mental health and its manifestations.

  • To understand and be aware of recovery processes; treatments; available support and  resources; and safety plans, enhancing one’s ability to manage their mental health needs effectively.

Delivered by: Dr David Marshall- Neshomo Chairman & Consultant Psychiatrist



"The training was very clear and to the point.  I learnt how to approach people with mental health concerns" 



Nov 2019

Training for: T'Mimei Lev School Staff

Title: Aspects of Bipolar Disorder and its Management

Training Aims: To increase the staffs awareness of the symptoms associated with bipolar and mood swings and consider some of the interventions used to help people living with bipolar.


The training was tailored to the staff at T'Mimei Lev to ensure they would be able to transfer and apply the knowledge gained effectively.

Delivered by: Estelle Gillis- Neshomo Mental Health Hospital Link Worker


"The training was excellent and clear and the trainer had a phenomenal understanding of the subject matter"

"The training was very well presented and explained"

"The training was informative with excellent delivery by a qualified health professional"



 Sept 2019


Training for: Ezra Care Volunteers

Title: Suicide Awareness Training.

Training Aims: To increase confidence talking about suicide and provide information about where to signpost people to access further support.

Delivered by: Tamar Tabor- Counselling Psychologist


"The training by Neshomo was extremely informative. I often visit mental health patients in hospital and I am delighted I took the time off work to attend the training. Knowledge and awareness about suicide can be lifesaving."